Thoughts from Montessori Parents about the Elementary Program

Montessori offers a learning experience far different than any other school environment our daughter has had.  The experiential and hands on learning in the Montessori classroom have given our daughter the opportunity to thrive in school like never before.  In addition, at MCDS, she has learned how to take responsibility for the quantity and quality of work she accomplishes while in school, and she is more organized at home.  She looks forward to going to school every day!

~ Daughter in her first year in the Upper Elementary Class

MCDS provides our children with the ability to pursue their learning at a rate and level that is appropriate for them as individuals.  The school encourages the kids to work at the higher end of their individual potential, while being realistic about the development maturity of each child.  We especially appreciate the open lines of communication with the teachers and the very small student to teacher ratio.  There is a high level of respect between the teachers and students and in the community as a whole.  Mutual respect is an important tenet of the Montessori philosophy and one the reasons the environment in a Montessori school is unique.

~ One child in both Upper and Lower Elementary Class, fourth year for the elder child

At MCDS, we have found a teaching philosophy which mirrors our personal parenting style of challenging our children at their own individual levels while providing individual attention. MCDS’ elementary program continually provides our older daughter with an engaging environment, supporting the expansion of her free-thinking ability while upholding personal accountability.

~ Daughter in second year in Lower Elementary Class

We feel that the Montessori learning style has really allowed our kids to tap into their potential.  And our kids developed a true love of learning at an early age.

~ Daughter in first year in Lower Elementary Class

Our deep appreciation for the Montessori method, and for MCDS in particular, has become more acutely developed as our younger son has progressed through the elementary school program.  This child is our “alternative learner”, one who has significant strengths but also some challenges that might hinder his progress in a traditional public school classroom.  Through patient and dedicated focus on his learning style, positive reinforcement of his strengths, and the commitment the MCDS staff makes to the Montessori child-centered curriculum, our son is succeeding both academically and socially with a wonderful group of friends.  While many schools struggle with the diversity of a student body, MCDS celebrates it and leverages its diversity to the benefit of all students. We are grateful indeed for the MCDS “Big Tent”.

~ Son in fourth year in the Upper Elementary Class

Our children are thriving at MCDS.  They are both challenged with new concepts and confident in their individual abilities to master many skills and subjects.  Just as important as their academic growth, they learn values of respect for all people in a supportive community.  Teachers, students, staff, and parents are all part of the Montessori family.

~ One child in both Upper and Lower Elementary Class, in their second and fourth years

One reason my family has chosen MCDS, as opposed to public school, is the small class size and individual attention given to each student.  I feel the faculty embraces the whole child, both strengths and weaknesses, and works to help the student become successful both academically and socially.

~ Son in first year in the Lower Elementary Class

A child’s experience is enhanced when parents and family work with the school community to play an active role in the educational process.  Through this dynamic community, consistent learning is developed, resulting in the Montessori philosophy as “an education for life.”