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Few Reminders

Good afternoon. We made it through the first few days of school successfully. . . thank you for all of your patience! A few reminders:

We are at the midway point of our KidStuff coupon book fundraiser. If you would like to keep the book that was sent home, please send in $25.00 to cover the cost of the book (checks should be made payable to “MCDS.”) If you do not want the book, please return it to the front desk as soon as possible.

Student Photos will be taken next week on Monday, September 21st and Tuesday, September 22nd. Your child will be given an information sheet to take home with details pertaining to photo day, including which day your child is scheduled to be photographed. Please look for this sheet in your child’s bag this week. Attached to the information sheet is an opt-out form. Our photographer now accepts paper orders AND online orders through her password-protected website. If you do not want your child’s school photograph on the password-protected site, please return the opt-out form to school by Friday, September 18th. Please note that if you opt out, you will not be able to purchase photographs online.

We are working on putting the student directory together. If you would like information in the directory, please hand in your directory sheet that was sent home before the start of school. Jamie would like to have the directory ready to be sent home by the end of September. Thank you!